Top 10 Travel App Must-Haves

Favorite Travel Apps

What’s Up Wanderer!

What travels have you been on lately? Anything new in particular going on? Anything exciting? For me, there’s nothing going on, but figuring out where the next adventure will lead me to. Still sitting around and planning all the new upcoming trips! Stay tuned for those soon. But for today, we’re going to talk about the 10 must-have travel apps you need to have for the perfect journey ahead. You won’t have to worry about a thing with these apps considering the new technology of the world is smart phones! They are taking over the world by storm and everyone has one. Especially when you travel because you have to keep everything up to date about what you’re up to, am I right? Here are the 10 travel app must-haves on my list for 2017!:

10. Trip It

Everyone is bound to forget about their upcoming trips and can’t keep track of it with all these apps everywhere! Trip it helps with keeping all your travels in one place. Simply, just connect your email or forward your trip emails to Trip It and it could save you so much time having to scroll through your emails to find what time your flight is or where your hotel is at! (iOS & Android)

9. Wiffinity

WIFI is a huge deal now-a-days. It helps your kids not go over their data and especially if you are abroad it helps keeping track of everything. Wiffinity is continuously updated to know what WIFI is in the area and what the passwords are. WIFI might not be a must-have for you, but it definitely comes in handy 9/10. (iOS & Android)

8. Yuggler

Need to find some kid-friendly/family things to do while you’re on vacation and don’t know what’s around town? Well, Yuggler has it all. From events to attractions to amusement parks. It takes your location from your phone and tells you what events or places are near by. Less stress for you if you have kids and I bet you, they’ll go right to bed after. (iOS)

7. Touchnote

Have you ever spent so much time looking at a post cards to send to family and friends, but could never find the right one? Or have you ever wished your photo was on a post card? Here’s the answer: Touchnote. Touchnote is a post card app that lets you send post cards to your family and friends with your own pictures! No more having to look at 50 different post cards and wondering what one to send. It’s all at the touch of a button. (iOS & Android)

6. Groupon

Now I know this sounds like a cheapskate move, but Groupon is the best for when you want to go out and cross things off your bucket list. You just search your near by locations or search in the city you’re by and viola! A whole list of coupons for things to do in the area to help have a productive adventure, save money, and cross things off that bucket list you made when you were 12. You can never be too stingy with your money when it comes to trips. Saving money is the best way start a trip and end one. (iOS & Android)

5. AroundMe

AroundMe tells you where the nearest hotel, bar, fast food, grocery store, etc is! This could really help you out especially when you are on the road. This is a definite must-have when it comes to road trips, traveling abroad, and when you are new to a town. Very useful if you want to find things to do locally and especially comes in handy if you become ill and need to go to urgent care. (iOS & Android)

4. PlanChat

The concierge app is finally here! This app helps you book your day to day adventures with just the touch of a button. PlanChat helps you customize your trip to help with crossing things off your bucket list and it is just like a concierge, but on your phone! Definitely a must-have if you need to find some quick things to do or if you are a huge before-the-trip planner! (iOS)

3. Gas Buddy

Now if you are anything like me, you fill up your tank twice before your destination and you stop continuously to use the bathroom or get food! Gas buddy helps you find the nearest gas station and tells you how much the price. This app saves you so much money and time just looking for the right gas station. (iOS & Android)

2. AirBnB

Want a nice weekend getaway, but stay in a cheap home-away-from-home. AirBnB is the place to do just that. There are so many different homes to choose from. All you have to do is check your dates and the city, look for a private home, and there you go! A home away home stay. You can stay with the hosts or you can have the house all to yourself! (iOS & Android)

1. Trip Advisor

Last but not least, the best app is: Trip Advisor helps with flights, car rentals, and hotels. All with a touch of a button you can see what upcoming reservations you have, see what there is to do near by, check your flight status, and even have a rental car waiting for you at the airport. It even compares prices with other companies and helps you book the cheapest. Everything gets kept in one place. Perfect for a stress free trip. (iOS & Android)

These apps are just a few apps that I use when I travel every month. They are all free to download and are definitely worth taking a look at. It’s a perfect and easy solution to cure boredom or find things to do in a town that you have never been too. These apps can help set you up so there’s no need to stress out about taking trips anymore. So stop stressing and start relaxing! Download them now!

That’s all for now!



What’s In My Camera Bag

Camera Bag

Hey My Dear Travelers!

Here we are, back at it again, with another blog post! How is everyone doing this fine Tuesday? I hope everyone is doing well as we are just about 4 more days away from the weekend. Today we’re going to talk about what is in my camera bag, how I take photos, and to know which device to use when it comes down to your phone or your camera.

Choosing the right camera.

I know choosing a camera can be a hard thing to do considering there are so many brands and so many different camera styles and lenses. I use a Nikon L340. For pictures, it’s just 720px and is not HD which sucks, but you can always purchase a one time editing software to turn your pictures to HD. Most of them look HD with just the 720px anyway so it’s not much of a big deal. Videos are the best with this camera! I recorded Maddie, Allie and Precious walking across the stage for graduation and I zoomed in almost all the way and I could see them clear as day! I have been waiting for this camera since I was 16 and finally got it on sale at Best Buy for $100. Definitely worth spending the money. I would highly recommend this camera for just travel use so you don’t have a hassle with having to change lenses so you can capture a picture perfect moment easily. The camera comes with a lens cover, a neck lanyard, and batteries. Sadly, a memory card comes separately, but you can purchase one at Walmart or Best Buy. Don’t forget, Best Buy price matches! Easiest way to save you money.

In the camera bag is…

Going into my camera bag, I have a variety of things for a just-in-case matter! You can never have enough stuff to catch a quick picture or even for a quick video. In my bag, I just carry around a tote, no special camera case because I have too much stuff I have to fit in it anyway. I have lens cleaner towelettes. It comes in a little pouch and it’s already moist so you just rub the cloth on the lens in circles and wait for it to dry. Any dirt or grime comes right off and perfect for a one time use. The second most important thing is an extra SD card just in case my other one gets damaged or there is too many pictures/videos on the other one. I highly recommend keeping one or two different GB sized SD cards in case anything happens and always back your pictures and videos to a thumb drive in case your computer crashes. You should also keep any extra batteries in your bag for your camera in case it decides to die on you last minute. It’s always a good idea to have a back up. I like to keep my laptop with me at all times for easy upload and a pocket photo printer to easily print photos for a portfolio. I like to keep the portfolio with me too in case I decide to print out the pictures right then and there. Easy storage without the hassle of all the pictures blowing away. Another item to keep on stand-by is a collapsible tripod or a mini tripod. Those can come in handy for the best photos of yourself or groups of friends. Maybe even keeping a stabilizer on hand for videos. Now if you are going to use your phone, I highly recommend using a selfie stick because it’s easier to take selfies, but you can also capture good pictures/videos up in the air. Depending on what selfie stick you get, you can extend it up to is 33 inches. Selfie sticks are the only things I know that can make pictures and videos better on your smart phone without the need of your hands being shaky.

Smart phone vs. Camera

When it comes down to which device you use, it really depends on the kind of person you are. In that case, if you like to take selfies or take panoramas or have your friends take pictures of you, use your cell phone and a selfie stick. Take the picture at every angle and you’ll get the results you want. You can still make it look professional too if you just use your cell phone. If you like to take videos and pictures of anything and everything then use your camera because you’d be amazed how good the quality of pictures can be. Whether it’s with a smart phone or camera, you can make any picture look good and professional as long as you take it at a certain angle and play your cards right. If you have shaky hands, use your camera because using your phone can make the picture blurry as to where your camera corrects itself. If you love all your photos being professional, but with a realistic type feel, use your phone. Your phone captures the light and colors the same way you see them as to where a camera makes them brighter or darker depending on the scene you are in. Taking pictures with flash would be better to use a camera because you won’t get those red lights in your eyes because the cameras flash goes all around your surroundings instead of focusing on one area. If you want to take a picture of the sunrise or sunset, use your phone and your camera and see which one turns out the best. So when you want to capture a picture perfect moment, don’t think too hard about which device to use. Technically they are both the same. Just use your instinct. Don’t doubt yourself because if you are the photographer, nothing can go wrong and you can always take a bunch of still shots!

I like using my phone for taking photos but I also love using my camera! It’s probably because it’s too new and I want to wear it out a bit. Most of the time, I use my phone so I can take quick pictures, edit them, and post. It’s the easiest. With my camera, I have to end up using my laptop and seeing which pictures I like most, edit them, send to my phone, and post. A little hassle and it may take me awhile, but it’s another passion to really create things. What can I say? Now go find the photographer in you!

Have a happy Tuesday!


California Dreaming

California Dreaming

Happy Thursday Travelles!

Now I know this sounds clique, but really hear me out on this one.

California, the Golden State. The state where celebrities roam and the state that’s known for their beaches. It’s the state that is 6 hours away from Phoenix, Arizona and it’s the state I’d rather be in. Taking away the heat for a nice, cool breeze. Salt in the air and sand in my hair. What more could you want from this Golden State? It’s like a dream you reach for, but can’t fully grasp yet. California dreaming is what I am and I am so close to it.

I can not tell you how many times I have been to the state of California. It’s way too many to count. I started going there when I was 13 years old and it has been one of my favorite places ever since. Waking up listening to the ocean waves, the seagulls squawking in the early morning, and the nice weather that comes along with it. It’s somewhere I’ve dreamed of living with my friends and that may be where we stop for awhile, but until then, it’s only adventures to and from I can tell.

The first time I ever went to California was to Mission Beach, San Diego, California. I practically grew up there in the Bahia Resort! I went with my Uncle Dave, Aunt Sandy, and Denika. No, not Danika Patrick. Denika has been a life long friend of mine since her and my brother dated. They were really cute! But that is besides the point. Mission beach was where it was at! It’s where all the “cool” kids hung out and I felt at home with myself. Belmont Park, Mission Beach, the little pizzeria that was right around the corner, and all the souvenir shops were one of the most mind-blowing places that, a 13 year old kid anyway, [I] had ever been to. I rode all the rides at Belmont and let me tell you, going on the same roller-coaster 17 times never got old and it still doesn’t get old to this day 6 years later! Eating pizza every night or subway every night because I’ve “fallen broke” doesn’t get old either. It’s better to save money for souvenirs anyway. I just love the joy it brings me to be in California. The second and third time I’ve been to California, it was still in San Diego. I never really left the heart of San Diego until about last year when Maddie & I traveled up the coast of California for 2 whole weeks! From San Diego to Auburn, it was a straight shot. We had a clear vision of what we wanted and we got to achieve it. Neat enough to say, after 5 months of dating, I met her entire family! It saved us a lot of money just to stay with them too. The details of this trip is for another time, though. As we finally fall into our actual topic, just think about a place you dream of living and you’ll understand what it’s like for me to just be in California even if it’s for a day.

My best friend, yes the one in the picture above, told me this quote, ” All I’m sure about is my friends and the destination, everything else is a part of the adventure”. Now I am not too sure if this is true or not considering I bugged the crap out of her for a travel quote, but really though, that’s all you need. Good friends and a destination. Funny thing about it, we took this picture in Huntington Beach. We were staying at Ocean Surf Inn & Suites right along the beach. Cutest hotel, free beach amenities, and a sweet view of the ocean! Needless to say, this was the best 3 day trip of my life. We went to the beach mostly, but explored most of Cali on our way to the hotel. We stopped in almost every city. Anaheim, being one of them. to eat at In-N-Out because you can never go wrong with eating at In-N-Out especially in Cali! We went shopping on Main Street, ate at Sandy’s right on the beach, and took some bomb pictures like every stereotypical California tourists. We even went grocery shopping to get food for when we don’t want fast food and we obviously needed breakfast. Can you believe they charge you for bags! I think that’s completely outrageous. We actually had to carry our groceries one by one to the car because we didn’t want to buy bags! So if you go to Cali and stay in a suite in your hotel, BRING BAGS WITH YOU! Otherwise, you’ll spend more money on your bags than your groceries. During this time, we tried to do everything we could to adventure around Huntington. Having fun is the key to relaxation and crossing things off your bucket list you’ve had since you were 9 years old. Other than the whole bag dilemma, just the atmosphere, the liveliness, the people, the weather is enough for me to keep my motivation to keep traveling and writing my posts. Even if it’s just the drive to California for an event. As long as I am in that state, it makes me feel hope. It makes me know so much more about what I love to do; traveling and blogging. It helps keep me alive and on the edge, but as free as birds catching the wind. This is how it all began. And I am still California dreaming.

With that being said, really take a moment to think to yourself. What are your hopes and dreams? What gets you motivated? What keeps you motivated? What state do you dream of living in? What state do you currently live in? And most of all, how are you going to accomplish your dreams? I know I’m trying to accomplish mine right now and I would love to know about yours. Let me know in the comments below!

To Cali Dreaming and Beyond,